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Register as Supplier

Why register as Supplier?

By Registering as supplier, you are eligible for many services as,

  • Suppliers can add staff for managing their dashboard and give a permission for accessing a module (like product add, manage etc.,).
  • Suppliers can update their basic features and upload Shop images and 360-degree images of their shops.
  • Product adding: Suppliers can add product with all the details and manage the added product.
  • Stock Updating: Suppliers can add stock on daily basis.
  • Supplier offer: Supplier can update their offers which can be visible to the buyers.
  • Inquiry: Suppliers can view the product inquiry from buyers.
  • RFQ: Suppliers will get RFQ (Request for a quote) from various buyer and option for replying.
  • Chatting system: Suppliers can reply to the chats from buyers.
  • Communication system: The mobile app is enabled with a communication feature to help suppliers communicate with buyers.
  • Report: The website enables users to access on demand product reports.
  • Supplier page: All suppliers are assigned a dedicated web page on the Fujeeka website.
  • Cost Effective : This system is cost effective for both suppliers and customers. Supplier does not have to maintain large store fronts which helps with huge room rents, electricity charges, maintenance charges, etc. The customer does not have to travel to remote destinations to find the matching products and suppliers for his requirements. This helps to cut the costs by a huge level.
  • Better reachability : The products of the suppliers can reach a wide range of customers at global level. This ensures better sales than current system. The reachability can be further increased by ads.
  • Better security : Each suppliers will be verified physically and rating system for products, suppliers & customers ensures peace of mind for both suppliers & customers.
  • The language differences of Suppliers and customers won’t affect.