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Applicable To Millet 4 Mobile Phone Battery BM32 Battery High Capacity Polymer Built-In Mobile Phone Battery Factory Wholesale

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  • Location : China (Guangdong)
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Brand :
Heng Yuanming
Item number :
Type :
Lithium battery
Voltage :
3.8 (V)
Applicable models :
Millet 4
Battery capacity :

product Description


Do not disassemble the battery at will; do
not let the battery get wet or put into the water;
do not store the battery in a high temperature environment above 45 °C or in a fire;
do not apply external force or fall
from the battery ; do not mix the battery with keychains, coins, etc. Put it out to avoid short circuit;
please dispose of the waste battery as garbage disposal to avoid environmental pollution;
please use original charger or reliable charger to charge.

[Using common sense]:

When the battery is used for a long time or improperly maintained, the metal sheet will be oxidized, which
will cause the phone to automatically shut down or automatically disconnect when talking. It is recommended to wipe the contacts clean before use;
new battery After 3-5 complete charge and discharge cycles, the internal chemicals will be “activated” to achieve the effect; the
improper charging method of the fake charger will affect the standby time and shorten the battery life;
different models of mobile phones The power consumption is also different, and the mobile phone set to the vibration mode will also increase the power consumption and reduce the standby time; the
mobile phone is used in a weaker signal, the greater the power consumption, the shorter the battery standby time.

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