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High Concealment, Full Vehicle Ffilm, High Insulation, Automobile Film, Single Silver Thermal Radiation Film, Magnetic Control, Thermal Reflection And Reflective Front Bumper Film

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60 Pcs Minimum Order (MOQ)

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11 year

  • Location : China (Guangdong)
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Texture of material :
Magnetic control
Place of Origin :
Size :
15 (m)
Transmittance :
60 (%)
Tser :
90 (%)
UV protection rate :
99 (%)

product Description

I'm sorry, we can't give you the most beautiful pictures. We can only give you the most real side. What we see is what we get About color difference: This is an unavoidable problem in online shopping. Please see the light transmittance of the test chart for the specific color. The heat insulation rate is also shown in the test chart. If you can't understand it, please contact customer service and stand by at any time

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