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New Ca-018 high-quality head-mounted Stereo Bluetooth headphone with wireless headphone card

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product Description

Product information

Name: LED wireless Bluetooth headset

Brand: gjby

Article No.: ca-018

Packing quantity: 60pcs / case

Product package size: 15.3x8.2x20.8cm

Product features:

1. The built-in speaker is made of the original one, which is clear in high, medium and low frequencies. The external one is made of soft protein leather earmuffs and soft silicone head pad, which is comfortable and does not pinch ears. The aluminum alloy decoration is fashionable and cool

2. The golden ratio folding design is more convenient to carry, and the humanized design can stretch the head bow to fit the head, which is comfortable to wear and has good quality

3. Multi function, one machine, multi-purpose, supporting Bluetooth, TF card, plug-in line function

3. Built in micro microphone, clear call

4. With answer button, you can switch up and down music

5. The earphone uses 350 Ma high quality lithium battery with protection board, which can last for about 7 hours! Standby about 100 hours, charging about 2 hours can be fully charged (support fast charging does not take two hours).

Function Description:

Power on: press and hold the start key for 3 seconds, and the voice prompts "power on". Shut down: press and hold the start key for 3 seconds, and the voice prompt is "power off".

Pairing links

1) Pairing for the first time: turn on the machine to enter the pairing mode, and the voice prompts "pairing". Please turn on the Bluetooth function of intelligent configuration and select "model on the package". No password is required!

2) If you press and hold for two seconds, the red and blue LED lights will flash alternately, and the device will enter the pairing state again.

3) Subsequent pairing: automatically pairing devices after startup

How to link with two mobile phones at the same time

1) Pair a mobile phone

2) Turn off Bluetooth of mobile phone a

3) Turn off the Bluetooth phone or re-enter pairing mode

4) Pair B mobile phone

5) Open Bluetooth of mobile phone a, search for Bluetooth headset and link it. At the same time, the settings of two mobile phones are linked successfully.

LED status

The red light is on in the state of charging, and the blue LED is on when it is fully charged.

Red and blue flashes alternately in pairing state

The blue LED in standby mode flashes twice every 5 seconds.

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