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Jingchuan Flag USB To Printer Line Canon Printer Data Cable USB Cable 3 Meters

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  • Location : China (Guangdong)
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Brand :
Color :
Classification blue
Length :
3 meters​
Model :

product Description

Main features:

Fast, safe and durable

Excellent sightseeing, uniform color, triple shielding, high fidelity design, exquisite line making

High oxidation resistance effectively enhances signal transmission speed and reduces attenuation value generated in signal transmission. Transmission performance is stable.

main feature:

1. High quality tin-plated oxygen-free copper conductor: 1 pair of 28AWG signal cable, 2 core of 20-28AWG power cord,

2. Rated voltage: 30V, three-layer shielding, strong signal stability and anti-interference ability, small attenuation of transmission signal, excellent use effect, very suitable for equipment with high requirements on wire

3. Reference standard: UL444, UL13, UL1581 and USB2.0 specifications, signal line HDPE insulated core inner layer aluminum double shield, high density all metal braided mesh shield on the outside of the core, strong anti-interference ability, signal Low attenuation coefficient and good effect;

Products are widely used in: mobile phones, computers, digital products, fax machines, printers, scanners, testing equipment, household appliances and so on.

Triple shielding, high fidelity design, exquisite line making process.

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