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HD CVI/TVI/AHD Passive Twisted Pair Transmitter BNC Analog Coaxial Transfer Cable 5MP BNC Video Transmission

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Types of :
Video transmission cable
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Material :
Metal core
Function :
Anti-surge,anti-thunder,anti-inference,noise reduce
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product Description

Product description:

This transmitter can realize the use of Super Category 5 twisted pair cable instead of 75 ohm coaxial cable for CVI/AHD/TVI video signal transmission. Guarantee image quality, filter most of the interference signals, and improve image clarity. Suitable for a variety of signal source transmission, improve cable utilization and reduce engineering maintenance. It is compatible with AHD/CVI/TVI high-definition analog signals that are used in the market, and has a long transmission distance and high transmission quality. Since the video processing adopts advanced processing technology, the attenuation of the video signal amplitude and the different frequencies is amplified and compensated, and the brightness and color of the original image are maintained. A good transmission of medium and long distance video signals is achieved.


1: Power supply: no power supply, passive transmission;

2: Transmission effect: Real-time transmission of high-definition AHD/HDCVI/HDTVI video signals, video is clear and stable;

3: CVI/AHD transmission distance: 0~400 meters;

4: TVI signal transmission Distance: 0~200m;

5: Main function: Simultaneous transmission of single video signal by a pair of twisted pairs;

6: Protection against interference: anti-static and anti-high-frequency interference;

7: Appearance structure: metric BNC coaxial interface , pressure card type twisted pair terminal block;

8: signal advantage: filter most of the high frequency interference, accurate signal recovery

9: wiring advantages: because the super five twisted pair cable wire diameter is small, light weight, easy to install, fast maintenance Easy, multi-channel camera gun installation, four-core or eight-core twisted pair can be used as the trunk of the camera gun;

10: use efficiency: saving wire and maintenance costs.

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