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E-Zhou HDMI To HDMI Audio Splitter Decoder HDMI To HDMI+ Audio Converter

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product Description

Product Information


Brand: E-Zhou

Case Item No.: EZ049

Color: Black/White

Product Features

1. USB directly plugged into the computer for easy connection.

2, asio channel to let your effect directly use (you can also use the guitarrig software.

3. Let the computer become your guitar effect, all kinds of powerful effects can be downloaded online for free (online can find more For example, boss single block, etc.

4. Provide high-impedance input port (the general professional sound card input port can't directly connect the guitar)

5. Bring your own headphone output, directly monitor this USB interface to let you support the effect software Native Instruments Guitar Combos reproduces three classical amplifiers.

HDMI audio decoder HDMI to HDMI release HDCP separate audio

Product introduction:

Release HDCP (release KEY), crack HDCP encryption, separate HDMI audio. With English manual. Most HDMI output devices support the HDCP protocol. Such as computers, Blu-ray players, etc. However, not all display devices support the HDCP protocol, so this converter is required to crack HDCP so that devices that do not support HDCP can receive HDMI signals normally.


The digital audio in HDMI is decoded into analog (AUDIO) audio by digital decoding technology.

Unlock the HDCP protocol of the HDMI front-end, which is commonly referred to as the KEY, to facilitate the connection of display devices that do not support HDCP.

Free power supply (such as insufficient power supply, USB port power supply)


Input: HDMI × 1

output: HDMI × 1

, 3.5 stereo interface × 1 Product size: 60 (D) x 55 (W) x 20 (H)

Product weight: 40g

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