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Steel Mate 3280 Mars Reversing Radar Live Voice Tips Ceiling LED Screen Display

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Brand :
Steel Mate
Material :
Place of origin :
Custom processing :
Types of :
Voice reversing radar
Model :
Applicable models :
General purpose
Display type :
Voltage :
Probe :
6 (pieces)
Alarm prompt :
Detection range :
Reminder type :
Operating temperature :
±50 (°C)
Screen size :
9x3.5 (cm)

product Description

Function settings

Voice switch

Enter the reverse gear and press the setting button below the display to turn the off and adjust the voice report function. The factory setting is open voice.

Volume adjustment

Enter the reverse gear and press the left and right adjustment buttons on the back of the monitor to adjust the amount of warning sound. The volume is three levels and the volume can vary from level one to level three.

Probe self-test

At power-on:

Open the car key to "ACC.ON", the system automatically performs self-test on the two front probes;

1. The self-test is normal and the display has no display;

2. The self-test is abnormal, "Be.Be.Be." three prompts, the display indicates the number and location of the wrong probe;

When reversing:

The "R" system that is connected to the reverse gear automatically performs self-test on the rear ABCD four probes and the front EH probes;

1. The self-test is normal: “Be-” confirms and enters the working state;

2. Self-test abnormality: “Be.Be.Be.” three prompts, the display indicates the number and location of the wrong probe;


1. No display after installation?

1) Check if the power supply is connected correctly;

2 )Whether the electric door is open at ACC.ON; whether it is engaged in the reverse gear (the reversing light should be on)

3) Whether each cable is plugged in;

4 )The connection between the display and the host is correctly inserted.

2. No display of the reverse gear display?

Check that the power of the host is correctly connected to the positive pole of the backup light.

3. Prompt probe error?

1) Inspection probe

2) Probe line has been pulled off

3) Check if the probe waterproof plug is tight

4. The obstacle position is inconsistent with the display position

1) Check if the probe ABCD wiring corresponds to the ABCD socket

2)The position of the rear obstacle is not correct.

5. Hanging into the reverse gear, the display shows 0.5 or 0.6m?(rear obstacles)

1) Check that the height of the probe installation meets the installation requirements of the Installation Guide.

2) Check if the probe is facing up or reversed.

3 Check if the probe installation position is inclined downward

6. The alarm is too low

Turn the volume switch to the appropriate volume.

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