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Waterproof Anti-Theft And Dustproof For Electric Tail Box Cover Aluminum Alloy Roller Shutter

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Category : Auto Body Parts

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  • Location : China (Guangdong)
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product Description

Most models of roller shutters are in stock, and some models need to be made in stock. The production cycle is less than 5 sets within 5 days, and more than 10 sets are subject to customer service agreement. Wholesale customers must make detailed consultation before placing orders! Welcome Wangwang consultation, the more the quantity, the better the price!

[Production cycle] 10 days (depending on the quantity, the production cycle is different, most models within 3 sets of retail stock

[Product material] All aluminum alloy box, durable

[Locking accessories] Anti-theft with lock, the aluminum coils are engaged with each other and cannot be cut with a knife to ensure the safety of the cargo in the container

[Color Production] All are black. No other colors can be customized. Logistics delivery.

[Product installation] Free punching, easy and fast installation, fool-style assembly, can be successfully assembled in 30 seconds

[Product advantages] 1. The waterproof and dustproof rating of the rear box reaches IP56, which can be easily rolled back and pulled to the end easily. It is easy to operate and doubles the effort than double-locked roller shutters.

2. The mounting bracket comes with a leveling function, which can easily level the slide rail

3. The cabinet is treated with high-quality powder coating surface, which is wear-resistant and oxidation-resistant.

4.Slot design, three options available, can be adapted to various anti-rollover racks, luggage racks, crossbar installation

5. Third gear start and stop, simple operation and easy to use

6. Equipped with LED lights, can be handheld lighting, can fix the box.

7. Spring life is 90,000 times, and normal use is more than five years.

8. Two-year warranty, lifetime warranty for core components, no worries

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