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Passive 201C Twisted Pair Transmitter Screwless Solderless Pure Copper Filter Anti-Interference BNC Video Transmission

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Video transmission cable
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Metal core
Function :
Anti-surge,anti-thunder,anti-interference,noise reduce
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product Description

Single passive twisted pair transmitter monitoring video twisted pair transceiver 201C video transmission


The price is the price of a single transmitter. The number of shots per box is 2, which can be used in pairs.

product description:

The transmission distance is long and the transmission quality is high. Since the video processing adopts advanced processing technology, the attenuation of the video signal amplitude and the different frequencies is amplified and compensated, and the brightness and color of the original image are maintained. A good transmission of medium and long distance video signals is achieved.

In practical applications, we use two JAY-201 (with a pair) to use together, can transmit a video transmission distance of 0-400 meters, and the transmission distance can reach 600 meters when the quality of the twisted pair is good? JAY- The 201 can also be paired with an active receiver with a transmission distance of 800-1000 meters. JAY-201 has strong interference suppression and anti-electromagnetic radiation capability, can be used in various complicated interference environments, and does not generate electromagnetic interference to the outside world. It is quite environmentally friendly and economical. At the same time, there are 4 pairs of lines in the five or more types of unshielded twisted pair. Each pair of lines can transmit one signal, which can make the telephone, RS485 control data, audio, multi-channel video and even low-voltage power supply common cable transmission. Compared with the traditional video and audio transmission scheme, the passive twisted pair video transmitter can greatly reduce the cost and improve the performance. Compared with other similar products, the performance of the product is stronger, the stability is better, and the cost performance advantage is more obvious. .

Product parameters:

Power input: no need to provide

Image access: BNC (public)

Transmission distance: up to 600 meters (black and white) / 450 meters (color)

Input image format: NTSC/PAL/CCIR/ SECAM

Frequency response: DC--10MHz

Twisted pair connection point: Single point set of connectors

Common mode rejection: 70db

Input impedance: 75 ohms

Output impedance: 100 ohms

Use wire: One pair of twisted pair: Unshielded twisted pair UTP Category 3455e or 6

Product advantages : twisted pair cable instead of 75 ohm coaxial cable for video signal transmission. Guarantee image quality and enhance image clarity. Improve cable utilization and reduce engineering costs.

Product performance:

Housing material: black flame retardant ABS plastic

Input and output: BNC interface, +/- terminal

Input signal: 1-2Vp-p unbalanced input

Output signal: 1-2Vp-p balanced output

Video transmission distance: 0-300-600M (CAT-5/5E/6 UTP)

Lightning protection and anti-interference: built-in anti-static / inductive lightning protection

Frequency response: DC to 6MHz

Common mode rejection ratio: 0 to 6MHz 60dB (typical)

Impedance: coaxial cable (BNC male) 75 ohms

Unshielded twisted pair 100 ohm

Cable Type: Unshielded twisted pair, 24-16AWG

Cable category: Category 5 or above

Cable impedance: 100±20 ohms

Distributed capacitance: less than 62pF/m

DC loop resistance: 18 ohms / 100m

Power requirements: no power required

Working temperature: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C

Relative humidity: 0 to 85% (non-condensing)

Instantaneous suppression: 6000V 1.2μS x 50 μS

3000V 8μS x 20 μS Ground Terminal Ground

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