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Steel Mate S3686 Optional 6 Probe Or 8 Probe Reversing Radar Live Voice Tips Ceiling LED Screen Display

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  • Location : China (Guangdong)
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Brand :
Steel Mate
Material :
Plastic + hardware
Place of origin :
​Reminder Type :
Screen size :
3 inches
Weight :
1200 (g)
Custom processing :
Types of :
Voice reversing radar
Model :
Applicable models :
General purpose
Voltage :
Probe :
6/8 (pieces)
Detection range :

product Description

Detailed description:

Distance display

The 0.30~2.5m accurate number shows the obstacle, which is refreshed every 0.1m;

2. Unit display

In units of "m";

3. Sound prompt

Prompt voice and turn voice on or off;

4. Abnormal prompts

Prompt for an abnormal probe;

5. Precise positioning

The LCD matrix (cursor) accurately locates the distance and orientation of the obstacle;

6. Restore button

Press and hold the restore button switch for 3 seconds, all settings of the monitor will return to the default value;

7. Volume adjustment

Press the left and right volume adjustment keys to switch the volume from small to large, a total of 13 levels;

8. Voice switch

Press the voice button to turn the voice on or off.

9. Voice speaker

Real voice report + "heartbeat" warning tone double alarm prompt;

10. Angle of view adjustment

Flexible adjustment, the display angle can be adjusted at will, so that the driver can read it.

Self-test function (example)

Open the ACC, enter the reverse gear, the reversing radar will automatically start, the display will scan dynamically, and the probe will self-test, indicating the probe status:

1 After entering the reverse gear for 0.5s, the speaker “Be-” will prompt, and the display will start dynamic scanning, as shown below:


2 When the self-test finds that the probe is wrong, the speaker: “Be.Be.Be.” three prompts display the number and position of the probe error at the same time, as shown below (A probe is bad);


3 When the self-test probes are all normal and there is no obstacle in the back, the following picture is displayed:

IMG_391913 copy

Product Display

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